The love story of Babu – a street cleaner who cries every day after the duty

Babu an Indian man in his 30 is residing the Kingdom for many years. He wakes up early every morning to sweep the streets and roads with his long brush. You will always see him carrying a long brush in his hands and picking up the wrappers, soda cans, and other garbage from our streets.

The girl of his dreams: He always tries to remain noble and honest with his job just to collect enough pennies to go home and marry the girl of his dreams who had promised him that she won’t marry anyone else except him regardless of his time period he remains abroad to earn money.

Babu works hard every day and night and is running against the time for marrying and living with his love. Years have passed and he is still waiting for the day when he will finally return to his home.

He reads this love letter every day: However, after a long working day, Babu leans on the walls to relax for few times and takes out a letter from his pocket and read it carefully. After reading the letter Babu cries emotionally and the letter falls off his hands.

Why does he cry? There is no one to console him or cheer him up. Every day his day passes following this routine. There is no one to care for him or his emotions. There is no one to ask his sorrow and share their happiness with him. He too has emotions and feelings.

He is not a robot or machine who works for you. He is a human being first. It hurts him when people ridicule him or talk harshly with him. It also hurts him when they scold or shout at him instead of calling him with love or softness in voice.

One day you will miss Babu: However, one day he will be able to go back to his home and you will really miss him. That will be the time when you will realize how people ill-treated him. But that will be the time when there will be no use to cry over what has happened.

Is there any Saudi Street Cleaner? Living in Saudi Arabia you will never see any Saudi cleaner or sweepers. Majority of the cleaners are expats. Why is it so? However, this question might seem illogical to people and the question could be answered through times.

People of Saudi Arabia think that Saudi cannot handle the job of cleaning their own streets and roads although people in foreign countries prefer to clean their streets and roads themselves.

Behave in a respectable way to the cleaners: However, I will only say, always try to behave in a respectful way with your sweepers and cleaners, no matter what type of job they do or who they are, we should always try to show humanity and love to the creations of Allah and we should also teach our children to behave politely with others.

It is a bitter truth that our new generation is too much ill-mannered and the parents are so busy that they have none with it. Although our ill-mannered offsprings are problems for us not for others hence we should teach them good manners and ways to stay humble.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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