The life of a Saudi Housewife when her Housemaid runs away – An Experience

A meeting between two friends and a guest which left the author not only perplexed but also thinking deeply about the presence of the people still living in the dark ages mentally.

Slavery is like taking away the basic rights away from a person and chaining him not just physically but also mentally and wanting them to do whatever you sought out to do, the reason why slavery has been abandoned largely. As the people got educated, the concept of the slavery got demolished, or as we thought so.

Yes, unfortunately for us, some of the people treat their servants just like slaves or prisoners they have bought or won in the warfare, expecting them to just work, denying them basic human rights, and overloading them with the burden of work to be done by more than a team.

The author of this incident shares the story of his meeting with his Turkish friend Orhan and a Saudi friend of his, Barakat. They came in to seek some or any kind of help that he could offer in the wake of an event that had happened a couple of days ago.

The Filipino maid of Barakat had disappeared unexpectedly from their apartment one morning, leaving no trace or any kind of message behind, causing a stir in their house. Barakat had been called at home from office by his wife after the maid had disappeared without any trace.

When Barakat came into my office, I took him as a normal person, but after a few question and answers, I deduced that he treats his servants not more or less than salves which caused the maid to perish.

I asked them a few questions replying to which Barakah not only unwillingly told me how he mistreated his maid but also showed his hatred towards the lower and working class, blaming a whole nation for not being productive and being lower, the author said.

This really made me sad and I just sat there feeling sorry for the maid. In my opinion, the poor maid ran away from her cruel masters who were taking too much work from her around the clock and not giving her proper rest.

The life of most of the Saudi housewives is unimaginable and really tough without the housemaids as they are brought up in such an environment where they are not made to work at home before or after marriage.

Islam emphasizes on doing your own chores and works yourself, and that is what should be implemented, we should make our children do the basic work and be active rather than relying on housemaids.

Now, this housewife will have to do her house chores on her own after their housemaid escaped from her brutal rule.

She will have to clean the house, wash the family clothes and utensils, serve her friend and relatives and only this time she will realize the difficulties faced by her maid and what is said to be hard work.

Now, this is the time for people to change and self-educate themselves. Moreover, we should teach our children to treat the servants nicely as our gestures of kindness means a lot to them.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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