The Italian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Torquato Cardilli converts to Islam

Nearly 1400 years ago, Islam was known as a religion that had adopted many names. 1400 years ago, one figure changed how we looked at Islam and gave us the right guidance towards a religion that everyone then was misguided about. His motivation and devotion are commendable and undoubtedly mesmerizing. That figure is the Prophet Muhammad SAW, who stood against all odds and completed his life’s mission to spread Islam-the one true faith! Now, 1400 years later on the land that was the stronghold of Islam then continues to spread Islam now too.[irp]

In this age of time, people are yet to accept Islam and they continue to do so. This has been frequently kept track of in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where almost every day two to three people come to Batha center to embrace the faith. The number rises in the month of Ramadhan, as the number of people rises to five and they include women as well. Recently, the reverting of the Italian ambassador situated in Riyadh has gained widespread fame since this has been the first time an ambassador has accepted Islam in the Kingdom. The Italian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Torquato Cardeilli reverted to Islam just a few days before the month of Ramadhan was about to begin.

The press could not get a better elaboration as to what motivated him to convert since he flew to the Rome from Riyadh earlier this Saturday. However, in a recent press conference he appeared in after he reverted, he seemed to be very happy with his decision. Cardielli was born in 1942 and graduated in Linguistics and oriental civilization. Cardeilli speaks Arabic fluently and has been assigned to the Italian embassy since 2000. He is happily married and is a father to two children. He has been in the diplomatic career for nearly 34 years in which he has been posted to several countries including Syria, Libya, Iraq, Albania, Sudan, and Tanzania.

An insider has scooped out some valuable information regarding Cardielli’s conversion which informs us that he was a regular reader of the Holy Quran and that made him realize that Islam is the religion of the pious. All the teachings of the Holy Quran make complete sense and explain all that cannot be seen. It has talked about some major events in history as well, that according to science had no answer.

His views have contradicted to the Italian Prime Minister’s statement which sparked outrage amongst the Muslim and Arab countries. He said that the West will always have superiority over Islam, after which he quickly changed his words and said that is not what he meant. Since then, he always mentions that he has deep respect for Islam in the hope that his previous statement would soon be buried.[irp]

It has been said that the World Assembly of Muslim Youth continues to distribute Islamic Literature in English amongst the diplomatic missions which included the embassies. Perhaps that explains how the Italian ambassador exposed to the insights of Islam in the first place.

Source: Arab News

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