The Islamic University in Madina where Sun never sets

The Islamic University of Madina holds great academic position around the world. This university is a precious gift from the government of Saudi Arabia which is situated in the Islamic holy city of Madina. More than 20,000 students possessing 170 different nationalities are currently enrolled and studying here.

The Islamic University of Al-Madina Al-Munawarah was found in the year of 1961. The main perspective of Madina al-Munawarah Islamic university was to provide Islamic education to all generations of Muslims across the globe. The function of this University is purely based on Islamic principles and rules.[irp]

Through advocacy and education, this university is spreading the timeless message of Islam around the world. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various disciplines of Islamic sciences. However, the Islamic University of Madina is an international Islamic institution in relation to purpose.

The basic aim of the university is to convey the true Islamic values among young students to have effective positive changes regarding their career development collectively or as an individual. By serving Islamic education to students of 170 nationalities, it can spread the importance of Islamic values and highlight the Islamic spirit in the whole society.

Students in this university study Shariah law and other different branches of religious studies. All branches of Islamic studies are deeply based on the Islamic principles of moderation and tolerance. The basic core is to provide proper education to all Muslim students which can possibly spread the true Islamic essence and correct misinterpretations about the religion.

Although the University is specialized in Islamic studies recently the university added further new disciplines in its curriculum. The disciplines include engineering, science and computer technology. Adding more new disciplines in the curriculum would increase the diversity which can help to serve modern labor market.

Students who prefer getting an education in other disciplines can also easily avail it. Students belonging to different races, cast, and nation could be easily seen in each corner of the university. Numerous lecture halls and research libraries are always full of students.

The university also has an independent deanship for their alumnus which is actually unique for any Saudi university. The independence of deanship means that it is fully devoted to the alumni affairs. The purpose of University Alumni is to spread cooperation and promote mutual interest with different alumni organizations and universities.

This deanship also monitors and appreciates the efforts taken for the cause of Islam by the university students across the world. Many of the alumni have reputable significant positions in their concerned communities which include some imams and muezzins of the two holy mosques.

Many professors and diplomats of the university are appointed as ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, representing their nation and defending their national interests on a foreign platform. Since its establishment, the Islamic University of Madina has taken effective and qualitative steps which reflect the government’s support in the Kingdom and its dedication towards the Muslims around the world.

The university has always been enthusiastic to accept the large numbers of applicants from all across the world. May the Islamic University of Madina progress further to great heights (Ameen)

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