How to buy Makkah-Madina Train ticket online?

You can book a ticket at Haramain train from Makkah – Jeddah – Madina at a very affordable price. We have explained the entire process here.

Makkah-Madina-Jeddah Train ticket price

We have given a table below where you can find the ticket prices for the Makkah-Madina train. For example,

  • Train ticket price from Makkah to Madina: SR 173.
  • Train ticket price from Jeddah to Madina: SR 144.
Route  Business Class  Economy Class
Makkah ↹ Jeddah 58 46
Makkah ↹ KAEC 127 98
Makkah ↹ Madinah 288 173
Jeddah ↹ KAEC 75 58
Jeddah ↹ Madinah 242 144
KAEC ↹ Madinah 173 115

Book Haramain Train Ticket

In order to book a Haramain train ticket from Makkah or Jeddah to Madina;

  • Click here:
  • Select the From and To station.
  • Select the train out of available options.
  • Select the seat as per your choice.

Book Haramain Train Ticket

In the next step to buy a Makkah-Madina train ticket online,

  • Enter your personal information.
  • Enter your contact information.
  • Enter the payment details to make the payment.

Jeddah-Madina train ticket price

That’s it, you have booked a Haramain train ticket.

Change/Refund the Ticket

If you want to change the train ticket or take a refund of it,

  • Click here:
  • Select “Manage Booking“.
  • Enter the “Booking Code“.
  • Enter “Phone Number“.

Makkah-Madina Train Price

Ticket Changing Fee

  • Up to 24 hours: FREE.
  • 24 hours – 10 min: 10% of the ticket price.
  • Less 10 min: 100% of the ticket price.

Ticket Refund Fee

  • Up to 24 hours: FREE.
  • 24 hours – 10 min: 35% of the ticket price.
  • Less 10 min: 100% of the ticket price.

Makkah Madina Train Time Table

There are 6 trains traveling from Makkah to Madina every day. The Makkah-Madina train time schedule varies from day today. However, you can always find the latest schedule on the website of Haramain High-Speed Railway through this link.

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