Why Prophet Muhammad lead Janaza of Abduallh bin Ubay?

Abdullah bin Ubay was a hypocrite

Abdullah bin Ubay was a hypocrite, a munafiq whose life was aimed at defaming Islam and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. He used to make plans to divide Muslims so that Muslims would become weak. He would claim himself a Muslim yet was the greatest enemy of Islam.

Abdullah Bin Ubay was the leader of hypocrites. He would lead other munafiqs to hold conspiracies against Islam. 

Prophet Muhammad knew about him

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was made aware that he is a Munafiq. There are many verses that were sent down to reveal his plots. The Chapter of the Holy Quran named Al Munafiqun is also about such munafiqs.

In fact, at one time Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ordered to burn Masjid Dirar from where hypocrites used to plan against Islam.

Abdullah bin Ubay died in 9 AH

When Abdullah bin Ubay died in 9 AH, his son Abdullah approached Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and asked to lead Janaza. The Sahaba were shocked to see Prophet accepting the demand. 

Umar رضي الله عنه asked that hasn’t Allah prohibited Prophet from leading the funeral prayers of a hypocrite? Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said that Allah has given him the choice of either asking for the forgiveness of such people yet Allah would not forgive these hypocrites even if the Prophet would seek for their forgiveness 70 times.

The sins of these hypocrites are unforgivable, and Allah shall punish them no matter Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prays for them or not.

Allah sent revelation later

Allah Almighty sent down the Quranic verse that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ shall not conduct their funeral prayers and shall not stand on their graves of the rebels. They denied Allah and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. They died as rebels and they shan’t be granted forgiveness.

After this instruction, the Prophet PBUH did not lead the funeral prayer of any Munafiq nor did he stand on their graves to pray for their forgiveness.

A beautiful Lesson from the Story

There is beautiful wisdom behind Prophet PBUH conducting funeral prayer of Abdullah bin Ubay. There were many people close to Abdullah bin Ubay and seeing that Prophet is so kind towards a person who had been an enemy for a long time soften their hearts for Islam.

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