The first Freediving School in Saudi Arabia

Three friends with a passion for freediving launched the first freediving school in Jeddah. The friends Osama Jouhari, Ishaq Farsi, and Mariam Shalan launched Jeddah Freediving School earlier this month.

The three friends lived near the sea and practiced freediving for more than 10 years. They achieved a good name in several local, GCC, and continental records. Each of the team members has achieved their own legacy of records.

Mariam Shalan is an Egyptian female born to a Saudi mother. She had achieved the name of deepest Arab dive in several countries and is also known as a national freediver of her country.

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The co-founders of the Jeddah Freediving School JFS while explaining their ideas of freediving said that they aim to share their ideas, knowledge, and experience with the water sports lover as an instructor.

The team also said we want to allow everyone to enjoy this extreme water sport. The team of three friends is the main instructor in the driving school.

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What do they offer?

The school launched by the three friends offers theoretical and practical training programs for both genders. The team said that the programs and courses offered in the school are followed by Scuba School International. The JFS is also authorized by the Saudi Sports federation.


The founders said they are trying to present the sport as a challenging game so that the people of the Kingdom could be able to defeat other sea divers and break the world records.

JFS has introduced the course with all the safety precautions. Safe driving also helps to deal with shallow water blackout or Loss of motor control cases. The sport is essential, and one of the deadliest sport with no rules, boundaries, or timeout.

Source: Arab News

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