A fight between a Husband’s 2 Wives – Lashes set for 14 people

In Jeddah, a man recently married for the second time to a woman and brought her home where his first wife was living. The fight started when the husband came home with his second wife.

The husband’s both wives got into an argument, which rose into a big fight, and because of that conflict, they involved their families.

The physical fight

During this incident, the thigh bone of the wife broke, and because of this injury, she had to be taken to the hospital and have a thigh bone operation done on her.

A medical report was issued by the King Fahd Hospital for the wife who stated that it took her three months to get better.

The legal action by the first wife

The first wife took legal action against her husband by stating that he was aggressive to her when he announced that he was divorcing her. He threw her and their son from their house on the building staircase.

The court verdict

A court in Jeddah gave a decision after hearing the evidence from the husband and his wives, and their family members and viewed the medical reports. The court punished 20 lashes each for 14 members of both the families and 50 lashes for the husband.

Furthermore, the judge also ordered that a fine of SR 80,000 must be paid by the husband for bodily damages and physical attack on his first wife. The amount of fine will be paid to the first wife.

Source: Arab News

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