The Expat’s farewell Umrah becomes his ultimate farewell

The story of Ismail Karayli

While leaving Saudi Arabia, every Muslim has a wish to perform an Umrah. Muslim expats who have been living there for years and decades have the same desire as they know that life is unpredictable and you never know if you will get a chance to visit the blessed country again or not.

Similar was the wish of Ismail Karayli. He was an Indian expat of 51 years of age. He had been working in Riyadh at a grocery store. He was done with his work and wanted to settle down in India, his home country, for good.

He wanted to perform an Umrah before leaving the Kingdom

Before leaving, he wished to perform an Umrah as he wasn’t sure that f life would give him a chance of visiting the Holy country again. So he went to Mecca from Riyadh to perform his farewell Umrah before leaving for India.

He, however, fell terribly sick and was bought to the Makkah’s Al-Zahr district. The Saudi Red Crescent Authority Ambulance team bought him there in a serious condition and he was admitted to ICU where he lost the battle of his life and died on December 17th, 2018.

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The sponsor had set a Huroob against him

He was not attended by any of his friends or relatives during his stay at the hospital. However, the police were able to track down his sponsor in Riyadh. Later, the sponsor told that Karayil had run away from work and he (the sponsor) had filled his name in the huroob list.

The sponsor, however, gave details of his friend. The friend visited the hospital with a heavy heart and was disappointed to learn that he could only take possession of the body if he would clear the hospital’s dues.

The KMCC cleared bills on behalf of the deceased person

Mujeeb Pookkottur, who is a leading social worker in Makkah, thereby took the case and contacted the Kerala Muslim Cultural Center (KMCC)’s Makkah chapter. The KMCC cleared bills on the behalf of the Karayil family.

The family of the deceased wanted to clear the bills on their own, yet the KMCC did not allow them to as they were not well off and bill payment was only possible at cost of the loan or selling their only house.

Karayil was buried in Sharaya graveyard recently. May Allah bless him with the rewards of hereafter! Amen!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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