The Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques Architecture in Makkah

The Saudi Arabian authority decided to put up an exhibition that shall let people view the architecture of the two Holy Mosques of Saudi Arabia. We know that the two Holy Mosques are quite historic and thereby there architecture, articles, and ornaments have been changed and replaced several times.

However, the articles which were replaced were not thrown away, they are still precious to us. They were in the possession of the Saudi authorities. Some of them are centuries old while rest are few decades old. Now they have been placed in an exhibition for the display for the general public.

There are queues of people, both Saudis and non-Saudis outside the exhibition waiting for it to be opened. When one sees Umrah pilgrims there, it feels very warm. They came all way to the outskirts of the city to visit the exhibition.  The exhibition is located in Makkah, to be precise it is in the suburbs of Makkah.

You can locate it along the old Makkah road in the map location we have provided below. It is indeed a beautiful exhibition that with respect to the visitors is competing with the Riyadh’s national museum. The exhibition from its entrance looks like the entrance of Masjid Al Haram. The entrance is free. Here is a picture for you:

The exhibition is organized into seven sections. The very first section displays the miniature view of the Masjid Al Haram. The mini version is not a simple one, it is equipped with touch-technology. One can touch the panels to operate it and have different views.

In the very first section, an old casing is also displayed. This is the older casing of the Maqam e Ibrahim. Along with it, crescents have been placed: the ones which used to stand high on the minarets of the Grand mosques.

Moving forward, you will find a complete wooden masterpiece: a wooden staircase that is beautifully carved and designed. It is made out of teakwood and was used in the 19th century.

Going along you can view the great door of Holy Kaaba. All visitors stand by it and take a careful look at it.

The next section is unbelievable; it is full of pictures of Holy Kaaba. These are not ordinary pictures; these are the old and rare pictures of the Grand Mosque. According to sources, the late crown prince, Sultan bin Abdul Aziz gifted them.

The Holy Kaaba has three pillars inside that are not visible to us as the res inside the holy Kaaba. They are to support the Holy Kaaba. One of the old pillars is at the display in the very exhibition.   Along with it, a chest is placed. It was once inside the Kaaba.

Next, you can view the old and rare handwritten copies of the Quran. The copy of the Othmani manuscript is also displayed.

Next section is the Masjid Al Nabawi (PBUH) section. The great door of the Masjid al Nabawi is placed for the exhibition. Visitors are attracted towards this section even though this door isn’t that historical!

The zam zam section is the one where the zam zam well is placed. The very railing used for the zam zam well is placed there. Also, the bucket and the bowls used for drawing and drinking the pure water are finely placed behind the glass panels.

Both the utensils are made up of brass. Very next to them rests the historic coins. These are the coins which were founded during different time periods near the well during renovation near the well.

The exhibition indeed is one of its kinds. It is full of information and is impressive. These historic articles have been contributed by different rulers. The two holy mosques we see today have not been as it in the past, the things there have quite changed and looked at those things is a wonderful experience.

Location: Google Maps

Source: Destination KSA

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