The Click Per Second Test: An Overview

Playing the click-per-second test is relatively easy. Anyone can do so but first, what is the click per the second test?

The click per second test or CPS test is a test carried out to determine how fast you can click on a mouse within a particular timeframe. This is also done to improve your mouse clicking abilities. The method is simple and effective. 

Your time starts as soon as you click on the test button for the first time. That means you must continue clicking as fast as possible until the time is up. Immediately after that, you will receive a test score showcasing how well you performed. 

The click per second test game can be played by anyone — whether young or old. When you take a click speed test, your test result indicates how many times you were able to click on the button in five seconds. 

Interestingly, having an outstanding click per second score can see you compete against other gamers and even break world records! 

How Player Rankings Are Determined

While there are no standard levels for CPS test games, many websites tend to categorize player performance in different levels. For example, a website might categorize the slowest players in the “Turtle” level while the fastest fingers are graded as “Cheetahs.” That is, ideally, everyone gets to compete against others in their levels. Here’s a good example of how players can be categorized:

  1. Turtle: this is the slowest category. Players who cannot produce more than five clicks per second find themselves in this category.
  2. Octopus: players who can get between five to ten clicks per second find themselves in this category.
  3. Cheetah: this is for the fastest fingers. If you can achieve more than ten clicks per second, you belong here. You are among the fastest clickers around.

How To Improve Clicking Speed?

You can improve your clicking speed by trying out different methods. However, the most effective way to improve your speed is to be consistent in practice. Visit clicking sites like and practice as many times as you can. While practicing, make sure you try to beat your previous record and go a notch higher each time. 

Consistent practice will ensure accuracy and improvement. Also, you can improve your clicking speed by taking different CPS tests including jitter tests, kohi tests, and roler tests. 

When trying to master a new technique, make sure you start from the basics and build momentum. Some techniques require you to have strong fingers so, you must be patient enough to build those fingers. Of course, it’s not easy to make rapid taps on the CPS test screen but with time, you will become a master of the art. 

Fake Cps Test Scores

There is a new trend of online gamers faking CPS test scores for whatever reason. Often, gamers boast of ridiculous scores impossible for a human to achieve. Some gamers install auto-clicking apps that help them boost scores to very high figures. 

The motive behind this may be the desire to become a world record holder or maybe something else. We may not know for sure. However, we know that trying to achieve very high scores without putting in any effort will not in any way make you a better gamer. 

Conclusively, taking CPS tests is very important for those who make use of the mouse every day. Improving your clicking speed is always a great advantage — whether you are a worker or gamer. 

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