The 5 Musicians and Bands of Saudi Arabia

The Musial trend among the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is accelerating. The youth of the country is showcasing their talent. The concept of Musical bands, concerts and Musical nights is taking the country slowly and gradually into its grips.

The young boys and girls with beautiful voices are mesmerizing others with their magic. So here are five bands and Musicians who are really talented and whose work you cannot miss.

1-YAM, the band: The band is beautifully organized and throws a power packed performance through its soulful voice and music. The original songs composed by the band are equally good as the covers that it plays of other bands.

On their twitter account, they have written this in their introduction. “We are a local band from Jeddah. We enjoy making, playing, and sharing our music with you guys. With love, the YAM. IG: @TheYAMband

2-Lugi Raf’a: We all have to admit that Rafa is the one who has let us know how beautiful our traditional songs were.

He has lightened our heritage beautifully. his songs let us proudly say that old is definitely gold! You can follow this talented singer on Instagram: Lugii90

3-Fulana: The voice that touches the heart and the music that soothes the ears is what Fulana brings forth. The music is one of its own kinds as it is created through electro sounds.

I enjoy the work by the artist in the morning while sipping in tea or coffee: it’s a perfect combo you know! You can follow her on her soundtrack account.

4-Desert F!sh: well, not only the name of the band is unique but also its work. The DJ who is an electronic DJ is one of the fine artist who produces the sweetest music through melodic-techno vibes.

Go listen the music and you will fall in love with it! You can follow him on his Twitter account @DesertfishHQ

5-Hussam Alsayed: The last one we have for you is Alsayed. Not only he is a talented photographer and filmmaker but is also extremely good at creating music! You can also follow him on his Instagram account filmhead.

Saudi Arabia is full of talented people who have been now given the opportunity to take full use of their abilities.

The youngsters of Saudi Arabia are very happy with this radical change in the society which has been improving the image of Saudi Arabia in the outerworld.

Source: Destination KSA

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