100-year-old Saudi who lives near his lover’s house

Abu Sharaan, a 100 years old Saudi man who is living in a tent in a desert of Saudi Arabia in this present time just to prove his true love for the woman he loved.

Abu Sharaan decided to stay near the house of a woman he loved some decades ago and her love is still alive in his heart.

He proposed to a woman 78 years ago but her parents refused to marry their daughter to him. At this time, he decided to never marry and stay close to the woman and the place where his love story began.

The story was aired in a TV program “MBC in a Week” and soon after it went viral on the Saudi Social Media platform. 

However, he refused to share the name of the woman he loved saying that he wanted to keep all the memories related to her only to himself.  He also advised people not to get married unless it’s for love.

We know that Arabic is a vast language and there are 14 different stages of love according to the Arabic Language. Today I understood, why the Arabic language has different names for all the stages of love.

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