Thank you, Saudi Arabia, you will be in my heart – An Expat’s farewell letter

Saudi Arabia is not just a country, it is indeed a blessed land with opportunities, resources like oil and Holy Landmarks which makes it special.

Saudi Arabia has been and still is like a heaven for expats working here from all over the world making their own lives and of them which they leave behind, better and luxurious.

People who have come here have worked hard in building and making the modern Saudi and in return, they have gained wealth and prosperity they could never have wished in their own homelands.

Now that the local population of Saudi Arabia is growing and they need to put their own children to work, downsizing is obvious. One such expat wrote a wonderful heart touching goodbye note while making an exit from Saudi Arabia.

He praised the Holy Land which gave him a chance to prosper, to build up, and to make a better living in both, his native land and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He also wrote his experience regarding the environment he had for the work here, making it possible to earn a wealth, save it and make remittances back home in order to make his both ends meet and uplift the level of his family back home.

He said that his family regards him as a hero for making their lives better, making property and saving enough money for them to live peacefully. His family is proud of him and all the credit goes to the land of Saudi Arabia.

In addition, he added his spiritual experience of getting a better know how and knowledge about Islam and of getting an utmost opportunity of performing innumerable Umrah and Hajj in a very reasonable amount and packages which might be impossible while living in his own country because of heavy charges and quota.

This is not just the words of one expat, these are the feelings of almost every person working here in Saudi Arabia. After Allah Almighty, they thank their second homeland Saudi Arabia for supporting them in their hard times.

The expat wrote, they were struggling to find a better and suitable job opportunity in their country and fell downhearted all the time and that was the time when Saudi Arabia opened a ray of hope for them.

Every expat living in the Kingdom rarely wish to go back to their homeland but now in the present time many expats have to leave their second homeland due to some unavoidable circumstances but they are not disappointed yet they easily understand the situation.

They can understand that the citizens of Saudi Arabia are facing unemployment issue and they have to take hard steps to make a better future of its own Kingdom. The Kingdom has to progress while providing better employment opportunities to its native people.

However, the expats leaving the Kingdom have sad feelings in their heart but they wish to come back to perform Umrah and Hajj and visit the land of Saudi Arabia with their family. Saudi Arabia will always remain in their hearts!

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