Thank you, Expat workers in Saudi Arabia

Thank you, people, from different nationalities, races, and religions. You guys came all the way to build Saudi Arabia stronger. It is your time, sweat, and blood that helped us raise.

You worked with us, for us! You gave the land the beautiful color through your existence. You made us learn the different methods of work through your experience. It was your expertise that helped us cherish our goals.

Thank you for understanding us, listening to us, adjusting to us, and loving us. We loved the way you embedded yourself in our culture. We love it when you wear our traditional dress and eat local food. We love your presence!

We (Saudis) are well known for our kindness and generosity. We won’t hesitate to help others nor thank them if we were given help. As per these people, they are not a true representation of Saudi Arabia.

They are a bunch of people who do not know the facts and thereby speak irrationally.  These people do not understand that what you have given to us and what are you to us. We know that you are of great value to us.

You helped build us in every form. We learned from you when you were our teachers, we got cured when you were our doctors, you build these perfect buildings when you were engineers, you helped us through expertise when you were managers, you helped us in our chores when you were a worker.

Thank you, my friends, you mean a lot to us and we will never forget you. I know such hateful comments must sadden you, but believe me it saddens me more than you. We love you in all respects and we assure you that your services will always be acknowledged and remembered.

Writer: Nasir Abdullah Alhumaidhi

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