Tenants of a Building in Jeddah cheated with Rent

A property Fraud Case in Saudi Arabia

A fraud case has emerged in Jeddah where a man has put several families in a difficult position by cheating them out of their future homes. The Jeddah Police have recently launched an investigation into one claim which was made by a Saudi citizen fraudulently renting out a building in the Al Salama neighborhood.

In their complaint lodged with the police, the victims had claimed that the man stated on his website that he personally owns this four-story building which consists of 18 apartments. Naturally, the man had used a false name, Fahd bin Mohammad Al Rajhi, and signed legal contracts with them with the fake name.

He received SR 300,000 and disappeared

They stated that the man had met them and offered them coffee after which he took them for a complete tour of the building. Many prospective tenants paid him an aggregate amount of SR 300,000 after signing the contracts.

The fraudster then later disappeared with all of their money. One of the victims, Mashhour bin Salem has stated that he paid a total sum of SAR 22,000 for the lease. Another Jordanian citizen stated that he had paid SAR 33,000.

One of the citizens stated that a Saudi woman had been told by the man that he would be willing to reduce her rent due to the fact that her husband was from the neighborhood, and hence agreed to take SAR 17,000.

A Syrian national by the name of Monther Jawad stated that he had come all the way from Al Ahsa along with his pregnant wife and made a payment of SAR 14,000 in advance. He stated that his apartment had been opened without his knowledge and re rented to another victim.

The real owner of the building

The real owner of the building, Fahd Al Mezyani, lives in Riyadh and stated that he had bought the building last Ramadan. He stated that the fraudster also came to their office and wanted to rent out the entire building, however, he never came back after he made him an offer.

Property scams are perhaps most damaging to families as the home is an essential thing that one requires to live and survive in society. Most of the people looking for a good deal, or rather a cheaper deal is those who need it.

Taking money from people who already are in dire need to save money is just perhaps the most despicable thing one could do.

Source: Arab News

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