How teachers respond to technology changes?

The world keeps changing and so does technology in each and every sector of the economy from the health industry, the agriculture industry to the education industry. As a way of improving educational experiences, new technology has been paving its way to the classroom. Many schools from the lowest level of education have been embracing this technological change in order to improve the performance of the students and help them attain their goals and objective and make their dreams come true.

There has been a lot of debate on how the increasingly changing technology is going to improve the education system. In today’s world, both students and teachers are more technology-reliant and tech-savvy than they were initially. Although the benefits of technology are many, the negatives of technology such as game addiction and so much time spent on the internet cannot be ignored. But should that stop the use of technology in learning?

Well, that may not be a necessity as technological experts will tell you that when technology is used in the right way, the learning experience is greatly improved and leads to better performance of the students. It would be wrong to say that teachers are not embracing the technological changes in education given the impact they have on the student’s performance. But how have teachers benefited from these changes?

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  1. Aiding teachers conquer challenges

There are so many challenges that teachers face in the classroom and sometimes overcoming them can be difficult. These challenges include:

  • Students tend to have a shorter concertation span and hence they tend to get bored easily.
  • There are different students with different personalities and levels of learning and meets each student’s needs at a personal level can be difficult.
  • There is a need to thinks of innovative and interesting ideas as a teacher that will make students interested and to actively participate in the class.
  • Staying within the curriculum while remaining on top of the time table and paperwork is not easy.

The new technology has been one of the greatest tools in helping teachers to conquer some of the above challenges through the use of smartboards and screencast tools. With this, teachers are able to give more understandable explanations to topics that seem to be complex to students.

  1. Offering students reasoning choices

Technology has made it easy to have collaborative and proactive learning between students and teachers and this helps in moving the teacher away from the classroom front and giving them an advisory role.Ā  With the interactive devices and technology, most students tend to have better control of their decision making and learning process and hence investing much time and effort in the learning process. As a result, student performance is seen to be gradually increasing.

  1. Offering extra support

As mentioned above, with a large classroom and having a large number of students, meeting their personal needs can be difficult. As a result, the use of software programs and apps has been implemented as a way of meeting the needs of individual students at the various learning stages. This kind of technological tools has been used as they have a greater impression in the minds of students and hence enhancing their literacy skills and language while still proving the teacher with the opportunity to meet studentsā€™ needs. At the touch of a button, older students have also been able to get updates on updated data and information through tools such as cloud and wireless technology.

  1. Checking studentā€™s assignments

Although technology has been playing a big role in studentsā€™ performance, it has also played a role in making students lazy and entirely depend on it. Sometimes when teachers give assignments, most students have found new ways of doing their assignment by paying online assay service providers to help them out. With the help of the Pro-Papers tools, teachers have also had the opportunity to check for plagiarism for the assignment given to students and this has made many students do their assignment while still depending on technology for research purposes.

  1. Making the classroom and learning process fun

It is without a doubt that technology in the educational field has made it fun both to students and teachers by breaking down the authoritative and formal barriers.Ā  This gives students the opportunity to have a positive response in an enjoyable and relaxed environment of learning. Technology has also helped those shy students to break away from their shells and actively participate in the learning process.

  1. Making learning easy with students with disabilities

Students with disabilities also have the right to enjoy and have a clear understanding of the learning process. Without any technological help, these tasks seem to be nearly impossible to accomplish. For students with verbal disabilities or difficulties with motor skills, light tablets have been used to overcome such problems.Ā  One of the factors that have been seen to greatly contribute to behavioral problems is the problem associated with the frustration of having the inability to effectively communicate and this leads to classroom disruption. The use of technology has made it easier for teachers to have ample time in the classroom as students are able to express their feeling and thoughts easily.

  1. Creating and managing lessons easily

The time taken by teachers to plan lessons and on paperwork is a lot as compared to the time taken on teaching. With the help of software programs and tools, teachers can be able to use little time in creating and managing lessons and spend more time teaching students.

Although technology will not be taking over the traditional learning system any time soon, both teachers and students seem to be readily embracing and using it in improving the learning environment. As teachers, there are several benefits that come with technology and the only option is adapting to the new technology changes and let it help you in generating ideas on improving the students’ performance.

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