Are teachers allowed to hit students in Saudi Arabia?

The Ministry of Education has now officially directed all schools that teachers cannot beat and hit students in Saudi Arabia.

Teachers cannot beat students

In fact, the prohibition on physical punishment includes all forms of physical violence which include verbal and physical violence, indirect threats, and also holding a waving stick.

Article 57 of the Ministry of Education regulations stipulates that a student may not be punished with physical beatings or any other sort of psychological or physical punishment.

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Article 2 of the same regulation stipulates that the system is aimed at protecting children against all types of abuse, be it psychological or physical within their environment. 

Punishment for beating teachers

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia has reaffirmed that anyone who physically attacks a teacher or any staff member will be punished with 10 years in prison, and/or a fine of SR 1 million.

Source: Gulf News

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