Taif Water Amusement Park – a hidden treasure

Taif is one of the biggest attractions for tourists in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is mainly due to the extremely pleasant weather even in the summer months and also the beautiful flowers that bloom in the spring season.

It is also said that some of the royal family members also shift to Taif, from the capital city of Riyadh in the summers.

How to go to Taif Water Amusement Park?

People traveling to Taif can choose 1 of 2 roads that directly lead you to the Taif region from Jeddah. The first route starts from Usfan. Although this route is slightly more deserted and is also lengthier than the other option, the plus point of this route is that it is straight and has no great heights or steep turns.

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The second option is a road that travels through Al Hada. This road can be slightly more dangerous due to the fact that it is dotted with sharp inclines as well as steep curves.

In both cases, people traveling to Taif should be cautious and alert while driving as neither routes are lined with safety barriers which in turn allows the camels to move freely and come on the road. 

Families planning to visit the Taif region must visit one of the King size family water park in Taif. The family water park has separate pools for women and men.

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Families can often be seen spending endless hours enjoying the water park which serves as a nice break from city life. The water park and swimming pools allow families to spend quality time with each other and just taking a break from the day to day routine.

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Those visiting the water park can make their way over to the Ramada hotel, which is located nearby to the water park, via a cable car ride and once there, families can devour the open buffet dinner.

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The restaurant also has a beautiful balcony that provides a bird’s eye view of the entire landscape and captures the beauty of the entire region.

The balcony can, however, get especially windy and cold at night and is a perfect place for those who enjoy the cold windy weather and a beautiful view.

Families should take into account the return trip to Jeddah is almost two hours long, hence they should plan their activities and meals accordingly. Usually, the nature, beauty, and enjoyment of the families make them forget about the two-hour long drive back home.

Those who like riding camels can also do so, as there are numerous beautifully decorated camels available along the way.

I highly recommend families looking for a quick vacation to pay a visit to Taif as it is both time and cost-effective and great family fun for everyone.

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