Syrian doctor jailed for 5 years for touching a Filipino nurse

A Syrian doctor is jailed for 5 years for touching and pressing a Filipino nurse’s private parts. He also offered SR 1,000 for one night.

Official Complaint

The Filipino nurse working in a private clinic in Asir with the Syrian doctor complained that the doctor touched and pressed her on a sensitive part. Later, the doctor sent her a text message apologizing for his actions and saying he was joking with her.

Doctor was suspended

Looking at the initial evidence, Saudi police immediately arrested the Syrian doctor for further investigation.

She said in her lawsuit that it was not the first time the doctor had touched her, as he had previously harassed her verbally and offered her SR 1,000 for spending an evening with him at his house.

Pictures/CCTV footage

The nurse said there were no witnesses or CCTV footage of the incident, but she kept the apology messages the doctor had sent her on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Messages

The WhatsApp messages that were the primary evidence of the case went like this;
Nurse: Doctor, why did you touch my private part yesterday? I couldn’t sleep because of what you did.

Doctor: I’m sorry, it was just a joke.

  • Please come tomorrow.
  • I asked about you, and they told me you were sick.
  • I tried to call you, but you did not answer.
  • I am sorry and ashamed; I respect you and swear I was joking. Did you tell anyone about that?
  • Did you say to the hospital administration?
  • Did you file a complaint against me?

Doctor’s statement

The doctor admitted that he had touched a sensitive part of the nurse’s body simply for joking and sent her an apology via WhatsApp. He denied harassing her or offering her SR 1,000 for spending a night with him.

1st Court Decision

In the beginning, the Asir Court awarded the doctor a one-year jail term and a fine of SR 5,000 for touching the body of the Filipino nurse with sexual intent.

2nd Court Decision

On this, the Syrian doctor filed an appeal to acquit him in the case. However, the Court of Appeal increased his jail term to 5 years as per Article 6 of the Anti-Harassment Law.

Lesson to learn

We appreciate the Filipino nurse and Saudi courts taking this matter seriously and making the doctor pay for this heinous crime. I hope it will set an example for others to abstain from these activities.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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