How to process Saudi Work Visa?

If you know the requirements and process to apply for the work visa of Saudi Arabia, the visa processing time is reduced significantly. Here we have explained all the requirements and processes to apply for a work visa starting from the age limit till the visa stamping.

Age Limit

  • Minimum age limit for a work visa in Saudi Arabia: 21 years.
  • Maximum age limit for a work visa in Saudi Arabia: 55 Years.
  • Minimum age limit for women: 27 years.

If an employer wants to process a work visa for anyone who is above 55 years, he will have to seek special permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Work Visa Requirements

Most of the requirements to process the Saudi work visa are arranged by either the employer or the agent who is processing the application. In case you have bought an Azad visa, all the requirements would be arranged by the agent.

Assignment of an Agent

Your employer will endorse the Saudi visa received from the Ministry of Labor to an agent in your home country. The contact of the agent will be given to you by your employer. The Saudi work visa processing time depends on how resourceful and experienced your agent is.

Visa processing time

If your agent is an experienced one and all the requirements are arranged, he will immediately submit the application to the Saudi Embassy or Saudi consulate. Normally, it takes from 15 to 30 days to stamp a Saudi work visa on your passport.

The Validity

The validity of the Saudi Work Visa stamped on your passport is 90 days which means that you have to travel within 90 days.

Once you land in Saudi Arabia, the visa stamped on your passport will remain valid for a further period of 90 days from the day you landed in the country. Your employer will have to process your Iqama within this period.

Saudi Work Visa

The fee

The total fee an agent charges to process a work visa for Saudi Arabia ranges from SR 1,000 to SR 2,000 depending upon the country you are living in.

However, keep in mind that as per Article 40 (1) of Saudi Labor Law, the entire cost of visa processing is the responsibility of the employer.

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