Statistics about bitcoins and cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency had become widely known with the introduction of bitcoin in 2009 and shown great development over the last couple of years. If you look into the data for November 2016, you will see that there were at least 720 cryptocurrencies in the whole world. However, among all somehow bitcoin has been quite successfully maintaining its popularity. Here we will talk about all the statistical data of the 1kdailyprofit.

Bitcoin introduction

Bitcoin is the first form of cryptocurrency that is found in a decentralized form. It gained great interest from various industries like finance, academics, and media. So far, many cryptocurrencies have been produced. If you consider the whole crypto market then note that bitcoin occupies 81 percent of the market. While the top-rated cryptocurrencies always occupy 97 percent of the market. As per the analysis, the main focus is on cryptocurrencies that have remained there for more than 2 years. And are considered the best in the category of 15 most influential currencies in the world. 

Crypto Retail industry data

If you consider the retail industry you will see that about 40 percent of the buyers are making the payment in the crypt form. Not all of them are new customers. Each year the transaction made through crypto is increasing by 12.5 percent.

Buyers who embrace the payment in the crypto form experience an approx. return on the investment of say 327 percent.

Crypto data for the luxury industry

Thus, considering the role of crypto in the worldwide luxury market note that it will touch the dollar. 1.5 trillion by the year 2025. Remember that it includes the millennial industries as well which occupy 50 percent of the whole market. At the present moment, about 58 percent of the crypto holders are Millennials and the other crypto investors belong to the age group of 34. Note that both the millennials and the age group of 35 drive the majority of the luxury industry worldwide. The luxury branded companies are open to using cryptocurrencies.

 More affluent consumers are more likely to join the cryptocurrency. About 36 percent of the consumers belong to the income group who earns more than a dollar 100 k. Now users who like to rely on crypto-like to buy more expensive items. If you look at the order value of most of the crypto users you will see that it hits up to about dollar 450. On the other hand, the average order value amount of the non-Crypto buyers counts to dollar 200. Apart from that 56 percent of the individuals with high net worth are showing immense interest in investing in crypto. 


Transferring money across borders and online remittance reached a great number say dollar 95.96 billion in the year 2020. Note that about 15.8 percent of the remitters are relying on cryptocurrency to transfer money.

The remittance that takes place through crypto is 388 times faster and about127 times less expensive compared to the typical methods of remittance.

Crypto in the gaming industry

As per the 2020 report, more than 41 .9 million gamers have the authority of cryptocurrency. If you analyze the present crypto market revenue then it will hit a dollar of 321.

Otherstatistical reports

  • As per the December 2021 data, the crypto market capital will hit the dollar 2.21 trillion.
  • The average amount of daily crypto trading accounts for a dollar of 120 billion.
  • Bitcoin is the market of the cryptocurrency market as it occupies 40 percent.
  • Americans aged between 18 to 29 prefer to trade in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Small scale businesses mostly in the USA say about 32 percent like to accept the payment in the. Cryptocurrency form.
  • The bitcoin price took a surge from saying dollar 6000 to dollar 60,000 In 1 year due to corona.
  • By the year 2030, the crypto market will be expected to grow at a yearly rate of say 13 percent.

Final words!

So, here are some highlights on the detailed statistics of how the crypto world is performing in various industries. Therefore if you want to get more information on bitcoin use the trendiest user-friendly app known as the Bitcoin Era.

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