Stamping Saudi Work Visa with GCC Residency Visa

Currently, I am an employee of an Oman company and have given my resignation to them. I am planning to go to my own country and stamp Saudi visa on my passport during the notice period. Is it possible?

Question by Visitor: I’m from Pakistan and currently working and residing in Oman; serving my 3 months’ notice period with my current employer. I am going to join a company in Saudi Arabia after that. I’m planning to take 2 weeks leave during my notice period (for which I’ll convince my Oman employer), go to Pakistan, get Saudi visa stamped in Pakistan through my Saudi employer recommended agent, come back to Oman, complete my notice period and join Saudi employer direct from here, here is list of questions for which I need answer:

1-Is it possible to stamp Saudi work visa on my passport while Oman residence is still valid? (My assumption is that it is possible, please confirm)

2-Once Saudi work visa is stamped on my passport, for how many days it’ll be valid? This is very important for me to know for planning

3-Being a Pakistani citizen, can I travel directly from Oman to Saudi Arabia? I mean is there any requirement that I need to fly directly from Pakistan if entering on a work visa for the first time? I shall appreciate your quick response on this.

Answer by Steve: First, I would like to welcome you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As far as your questions are concerned, I will answer them one by one.

1-Yes, there should be no problem with this. My cousin recently stamped Saudi Visa on his passport when British work permit was already there. But since you are already living in Gulf, so you should know that there is nothing certain here. They can impose a rejection upon it. But if you take into confidence your Pakistani agent, he will manage all embassy matters on your behalf. I hope you have understood my point since I cannot elaborate it anymore.

2-Your Saudi Visa is valid for 90 days after it is issued. It is mentioned on the visa issued by the Saudi Embassy!

3-No, there is no problem in taking flight from Oman to KSA. Once the visa has been stamped on your passport, you can enter from any place.

However, here I want to suggest you something. Visa processing in Pakistan takes around 1 month. If you are planning to go for 15 days’ vacation, you can be in trouble. Your agent might be saying that he can process everything in 15 days but medical tests; degree attestation takes at least 1 month.

Question by Visitor: Degree attestation in my case is not required as I’m going to Saudi with such job title for which degree is not a mandatory requirement. If degree attestation is not involved, how many days do you guess it’ll take to get visa stamped on my passport?

Answer by Steve: It takes around 4,5 days to get a medical result if everything goes fine. I would highly recommend you to follow the instruction given in this article for a medical test. After that, it depends upon your agent. Visa from Karachi takes lesser time than Islamabad. But I still think 15 days are too short! Anyways, you are a sensible person and should take your own decision!

Question by Visitor: Ok, just one more question related to the medical test. Do you have any idea for how many days a medical result is valid? What I was thinking that I’ll go for 2,3 days, appear for the medical and come back. Then go after few weeks (after canceling my Oman visa) to get visa stamp for Saudi, will that work?

Answer by Steve: It is better if you consider this link detail “Medical Test for Saudi Visa”


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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.