St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship Opportunities for Investment Immigrants

The wealthy immigrant looking for an inexpensive and efficient way to gain citizenship will find everything he needs through the Caribbean Islands program. This small country has excellent climatic conditions, a favorable economic situation, and a simplified tax system.

Applicants for citizenship get access to the privileges of permanent residents. It means that the applicant enjoys visa-free travel and other benefits almost as soon as the application is submitted. Processing takes no more than 6 months from the time of investment. Should you choose St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship Program? Check out this review and form your own opinion!

Overview of St Kitts Citizenship by Investment Program

By comparing the offers of different countries, you will be able to identify a favorite. Governments create favorable conditions for immigration, but the requirements for entrepreneurs differ. So, it is worth paying attention to this program on the Caribbean Island for the following reasons:

  • availability of special options for wealthy immigrants;
  • loyal conditions;
  • low investment threshold if other persons are included in the application.

You can request without visiting the country in person. You stay at home, and the application is processed at the consulate. Besides, it is easy to get support from Vladlena Baranova, an accredited agent of Immigrant Invest: the expert will provide information in a convenient format.

Investment Options

You need to focus on cost to evaluate the St Kitts passport offer and then move on to the advantages. This way, you will be able to compare the financial possibilities with the options and choose the right one. The government offers investor a choice between non-refundable contributions and return on investment options, including:

  • a charitable donation to a project approved by the country – from 250 thousand dollars;
  • purchase of real estate (hotel shares) – from 400 thousand dollars;
  • buying real estate with a period of ownership from 7 years – from 800 thousand dollars.

The advantageous difference of the program is the relatively low total cost of St Kitts citizenship for a family of more than four people. The amount of expenses and additional fees will be no more than 150 thousand dollars. This figure is equal to 200 thousand dollars and more in other countries.

Advantages of St Kitts and Nevis Second Passport

It is not only the low investment threshold that motivates investors to move. In addition, the country offers access to the rights of permanent residents. For example, the participant of St Kitts second passport by investment offer receives several favorable benefits, including free travel without a visa and a high standard of living.

Business-Friendly Government

The program can be classified as a top offer for one reason only – the country’s loyal attitude to the business sector. Business owners are exempt from paying taxes for:

  • capital gains abroad;
  • inheritance;

This way, entrepreneurs save money and successfully accumulate capital to realize business ideas. The country is included in the rating of safe havens. A stable economy and favorable political environment contribute to the status of a safe haven.

Worldwide Visa-Free Travels

The absence of the need to apply to a visa center looks optimistic. The passport opens the borders of 156 states out of 192 existing ones. The holder only needs to register upon arrival in a country to stay there for 90 days.

That way, the permanent residents or immigrants who have acquired citizenship through direct investment travel without a visa to:

  • United Kingdom;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Ireland;
  • Singapore;
  • Schengen area.

It will also be easy to visit other cultural, economic, and business centers. In some cases, it is necessary to register in the electronic system, and in other cases, you need to go through a simplified procedure at the visa application center.

Fast Application Process

It is possible to access these privileges within a short time. No more than six months pass between the investment and obtaining citizenship. You receive information about the government’s decision in a convenient way: at the address of your residence or through an accredited agent.

There is no requirement to personally visit the country or live there for a certain period. It is enough to deposit the capital by the chosen method, pay the additional costs, and pass the inspection of the state authority. 


It is possible to acquire St Kitts and Nevis dual citizenship by investment quickly and at minimal cost. Loyal conditions are maintained for an extended period, which positively affects the offer’s popularity. It is easy to pass the way from a foreigner and complete naturalization quickly with the help of agents. This method is reliable and fast because you get rid of paperwork and save the time it takes to resolve unnecessary issues.

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