SR 800 as Transport allowance to private sector female employees

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The female employees working in the private sector is being provided with a monthly transport allowance of SR 800 by the HRDF, which is equivalent to $213. This is the compensation to the traveling costs that females bear while traveling to and from the offices.

According to the Saudi Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), financial assistance tends to cover 80% of their transport fee. This is part of the Wusul program which is to support the transport of the traveling expense of working women.

Who is providing this service?

This scheme also provides high-quality transport services which are safe and secure for the women working in the private sector. This service is being provided in partnership with the Private companies providing transit services via licensed smart apps.

5056 SR 800 as Transport allowance to private sector female employees

What is the eligibility criteria to get this amount?

The only condition imposed is that these women shall be registered with the social welfare system for less than 36 months and shall be received not more than SR 8,000 as their salary.

HADAF has also updated this program so that the coverage becomes wider and more women working in the private sector could benefit from it. It is also a good step to motivate and encourage women to work and empower them.

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