SR 500,000 fine for checking Husband/Wife’s mobile

Checking out your spouse’s (husband/wife) mobile without permission to find out if he is cheating on you is punishable with SR 500,000 fine and 1-year jail.

A penalty of one year in prison and a fine of SR 500,000 is applicable to partners who electronically send the information that they have gained access to. If the person only looks through the phone and does not forward or photograph any of the information, the penalty awarded is less than SR 500,000.

A former judge of Saudi Arabia, Nasr Al-Yamani has stated that the act of spying on your spouse has been clearly forbidden in Islam. However, the judges have certain discretion, especially in those cases where a woman will apply for annulment of her marriage to her husband through claims that she has concrete evidence of the infidelity of the husband.

Having said that, how many incidents have you heard of where any man or woman has brought forward evidence of infidelity and the judge has charged him with spying and ordered them to pay up half a million Saudi Riyals? 

Source: Arab News

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