SR 5,000 Fine and Job Termination for smoking in Public Places and Office

Anybody who is found smoking near the mosques or the sports, educational, health, social, cultural and charity institutions will be penalized with a monetary fine which can range from a minimum of SAR 200 and maximum of SAR 5000. This same rule will also be applicable to the areas which include public transportation, oil production, food and beverage processing, water utilities, elevators and any nonsmoking areas in the business establishments.

All the fines which are collected from these violations will then be allocated to support the efforts being made to raise awareness about the adverse effects of smoking and other tobacco related products across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.[irp]

The relevant authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be applying strict anti-tobacco regulations which had been issued by a royal decree around a year ago. The regulations stipulate the commencement of the application only one year after the publishing of the decree. This new regulation also strictly bans the sale of tobacco or related products to those individuals who are below the age of 18.

It also restricts registration of patents which involve tobacco, reduction of prices or offering it as a sample or gift, import of tobacco and related products, entry or sale of any products which bear advertisements for tobacco under any form and finally also the sale and import of any children’s candies or toys which mimic cigarettes or smoking devices. Failing to comply with these new rules can make the violators eligible to pay monetary fines of up to SAR 20,000.

Under the current system, all of the concerned bodies at the state, community and individual level must take all measures in order to limit smoking as much as it is possible, while also banning the manufacturing and banning of tobacco. All those violating these regulations would also be fined.

The current system stipulates that if any of the locations or sites mentioned above do have an allocated smoking area, those in charge must ensure that it is isolated and that all individuals below the age of 18 are banned from entering there.

The new regulations have put in place eight different methods in order to limit the sales of tobacco such as the cigarettes cannot be sold through any vending machine and cannot be sold inside public transportation.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also listed down 16 reasons which can count as a reason for fair dismissal in the private and public sector. The list includes acts such as missing work for 10 days without permission, deliberately being alone with the opposite sex in the workplace and negligence.[irp]

Other reasons also include Smoking, incitement, tampering with attendance timings and making malicious complaints. The Ministry has also stated that the punishment for these violations is gradual, starting from salary deduction, and reaching up to dismissal with or without the bonus, depending on the reason.

Source: Arab News

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