What is the flight delay compensation by Saudi Airlines?

Passengers should understand that flight delay due to security and safety purpose is a normal part of the business. As per GACA regulations, every airline is required to provide compensation to its passenger if a flight is delayed from Saudi Arabia.

1- The airline is required to inform its passengers about the flight delay at least 45 minutes before the flight.

saudi airlines delay compensation

2- As per Article 7 of GACA Regulations, the airline flying from Saudi Arabia will provide the following compensation in case of flight delay;

  • Refreshments if the delay from the original time is 1 hour.
  • Meals if the flight delay is more than 3 hours.
  • Hotel accommodation and transportation to and from the airport if the flight delay is more than 6 hours.

3- In case of a flight delay of more than 6 hours, the passenger can treat the flight canceled and claim a full refund of the ticket as per Article 10 of GACA regulations.

4- In case the passenger is already staying in the hotel, the airline shall bear the expenses of any additional hotel stay until the alternative takes off time.

Source: GACA

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