SR 3,000 fine for using speed camera detector App

Traffic police have started imposing a fan of SR 3,000 for using speed camera detector apps in Saudi Arabia.

Speed camera detector Apps

The traffic police in Jeddah issued a ticket worth SR 3,000 to a speeding driver who used a speed camera detector app in Saudi Arabia that helped him slow down near the location of the camera and avoid being picked up.

The chairman of the traffic safety committee in Dammam, Abdul Hameed Al-Moajil, added that such unlicensed devices tend to work as a radar picking up the locations of Saher speed cameras.

Google Maps also offers this feature

Google Maps has launched a feature in many different countries including Saudi Arabia which detects speed cameras on your way so that you can avoid being fined for over-speeding. A question must be arising in your mind, is it allowed to do it in Saudi Arabia?

Can we use Google Maps to detect Saher Cameras?

Can we use Google Maps to detect Saher Cameras?

The statement clarifies that the fine is levied on people who use unlicensed devices to detect speed cameras. What is the definition of unlicensed devices? We don’t know. Hence, we don’t even know if it is allowed to use Google Maps to detect speed cameras.

In my opinion, there is no issue in using Google Maps because the primary purpose is not to detect locations of Speed Cameras but to navigate the different sites.

Moreover, almost everyone with a smartphone is using Google Maps these days and it is impossible to ban people from using it.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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