SR 300 fine for Nose Picking while Driving in KSA

Saudi traffic police have fined a driver SR 300 for nose picking while driving in Saudi Arabia.

For the sake of clarity, the punishments will only be applied by a police officer when a finger is observed entering a nostril – small deposit removals on the rim of the nostril will be exempt in 95% of circumstances.

Research has also revealed that an average man takes around 30 seconds to remove stubborn nasal deep-rooted dry deposits. It has also been noticed that the joy of removing the article reduces the road attention by 70%.

Both of your hands should be on the steering of the vehicle all the time. Any act that takes one of your hands from the steering wheel is a distraction from the road such as;

Driving at a faster speed is not an art, driving safe is. Keep in mind that your family is waiting for your back at home and your negligence in a split of a second could be fatal.

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