SR 3 million fine for bringing a barber home for a haircut

According to the Saudi state news agency, a man in Al Qassim Province was arrested for violating the rules set to control the spread of the deadly COVID-19. The man brought the barber to his home and made a video with him which he later posted on his Twitter account.

The Saudi public prosecution has previously warned the public not to post any video or photo showing curfew violations on social media. The Bureau also announced that the violator will have to face the penalty under Article Six of the Information Crime Prevention Law.

According to this law, the perpetrators could be imprisoned for five years and fined up to SR 3 million.

A man posted a video in which he asked the barber to come to his home after the authorities have temporarily closed down all the barbershops and saloons.  In this case, he clearly violated the law set by the authorities to control the spread of the disease.

Hence it is better for all of us to strictly follow the rules and regulations in order to stop the spread of the deadly virus and we should stop violating the laws to avoid harsh punishment. Although these are the steps taken by the authorities for our and the Kingdom’s betterment.

Source: Arab News

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