SR 200,000 fine for cooking Kangaroo Mandi in KSA

Who cooked the Kangaroo Mandi?

In a viral video, a man is briefing his friend about the benefits of eating the Kangaroo meat while the kangaroo is sitting in the pick-up van. The man tells that Kangaroo meat is the best meat as it is high on protein and low on fats.

Later in the video, you can see Kangaroo meat in a dish with rice. 

How did the authorities react to it?

According to Saudi Arabia’s National Center for Wildlife, the man had the permit of importing the kangaroo into the kingdom, yet that was for the purpose of sale and breeding not for slaughtering.

The statement read that the center is now coordinating with the Ministry of Interior so that the legal procedures are completed and necessary action is taken against the man.

What is the penalty?

It has been stated that SR 200,000 fine will be imposed for cooking Kangaroo Mandi in Saudi Arabia. The fine for unauthorized hunting and harming living animals ranges between SR 1,500 to SR 200,000.

Source: Al Arabiya

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