SR 1,200 million transferred to a Saudi Resident account

SR 1.2 billion transfer

One day he received an SMS for receiving an amount of SR 1.2 billion in his bank account. The employee is a public-sector employee in his 30s.

While he was in dilemma to celebrate or report the transaction to Saudi authorities, he received another SMS that SAMA, the Saudi Central Bank has frozen his bank account.

Possible Money Laundering

The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) froze his account instantly on the suspect of money laundering. The concerned account holder went to the bank to investigate and receive details from the bank. 

The bank also informed him that he should contact the Ministry of Interior Monetary Investigation Department.

The Bank replied to the employee that his account will remain frozen until the Investigation Department tracks the main source of the transaction.

What should you do?

What should an Iqama holder do if he receives such an amount in his bank account? Well, here is what he should do;

  1. Don’t use/withdraw/transfer the funds.
  2. Immediately report the transaction to the bank.
  3. Act upon their instructions. 

Keep in mind that if it proceeds from a crime mistakenly credited to your account and you do not report it to the bank, you might land in Jail.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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