SR 100,000 prize for Abdul Aziz, a Saudi Teacher who rescued 5 women from burning Car

ABDUL AZIZ AL HARBI, a professional Saudi teacher was rewarded for his bravery when he amazed the entire Kingdom by rescuing five women out of a car already on fire. He did not even hesitate for a second when he saw such a horrifying accident that put the car on fire.

He instantly ran for help and jumped in the car to save them. However, the school drivers of both the vehicles were killed since the accident was a head-on collision in Al-Qaseem. The women who were rescued were also teachers who were being taken to the school in the morning. 

After such a brave and heroic act by ABDUL AZIZ, he was everywhere on the social media because of his brave attempt who was not even scared of the tank that would have busted anytime and risked his precious life in order to save the women trapped in the burning car.

ABDUL AZIZ was called by the governor of Qaseem, PRINCE FAISAL BIN MISHAL, who gave his gratitude and sincerely thanked him for his bravery. He was even called by the education ministry who even expressed their gratitude for his bravery of saving so many precious innocent lives despite the difficult situation. 


According to the education minister, ‘I salute you for this noble act’ and also told him, ‘God bless you, my son’.

Whereas, for his bravery, ABDUL AZIZ was offered free umrah as a gift by a travel company, with free air tickets along with accommodation. 

Saudi airlines, In order to appreciate him, gifted him two free tickets to any destination in Saudi Arabia or the Middle East that he wants to travel to.

ABDUL AZIZ was also given SR 100,000 donations, but he did not specify where he got it from.  Rescuing someone is definitely not that easy that it seems. There can be times when it gets easy to get trapped in a rescue role that eventually puts you both at risk.

However, in life, every individual wants to do something that serves a purpose. One of the best things that one can do in life is helping others whenever needed. There are times when we see someone in trouble, but we do not help simply because it causes a threat to our own lives too.

But that was not the case with ABDUL AZIZ, who rescued innocent women without thinking about his own life even for a second. With such a brave act that he did, he will always have a very positive and a satisfied feeling because he knows he did something so great.

We all know how strict Saudi Arabia is about the forms of punishment and the laws. When it comes to Saudi Arabia, the punishments are the most newsworthy. But it should be noticed that Saudi Arabia does regard and recognizes any good or brave act as seen how ABDUL AZIZ was recognized and gained popularity. 

Such moral support, words of encouragement and gifts given by the government not only makes a person happy but even motivates every individual to do their best in helping others.

Source: Gulf News

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