SR 100,000 fine for fake engineering degree

A Syrian expat is arrested for using an engineer with his name on social media without having a degree. The Saudi Council of Engineers disclosed that he had not obtained professional accreditation.

He faced six months of imprisonment and had been fined with SR 100,000 as he had violated the practicing laws of Engineering profession.

The official twitter account of the Saudi Council of Engineers unfolded that the criminal court had issued the verdict against the fraudster for violating Article 11 of the practices of the Engineering profession.

The expatriate was arrested from Riyadh after the careful investigation and supervision of teams of the Saudi Council of Engineers.

It has been noticed that many people use the title of doctor, engineer, Chartered Accountant, or ACCA without having a membership which is a crime in Saudi Arabia. The case of this Syrian expat will serve as a warning to all the perpetrators.

Source: SCE

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