SR 10,000 fine for violating worker’s housing rules

Majed Al Huqail, the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs pf Saudi Arabia recently announced the approval of health rules and regulations for housing facilities for male and female workers.

The new rules state that a fine ranging from SR 5,000 to SR 10,000 will be imposed on an employer if found involved in violating the health conditions at the housing of workers in Saudi Arabia.

The fine will be multiplied if the violation is repeated. The new rules and regulations are imposed to curb the spread of coronavirus infection. According to the new rules and regulations;

Construction of Labor camps

  1. There should be separate housing units for male and female workers regardless of whether that is the employer’s personal property or rented one.
  2. A space of minimum 12 square meters should be placed for the accommodation of each worker because it is hoped that this is ideal physical distancing and it will help to stop further transmission of any disease.
  3. The worker’s housing shall be operational after obtaining approval from the municipality for the construction or renting.
  4. The bachelor’s housing should be;
    • 500 meters away from schools and residences of girls.
    • Away from the cemeteries.
    • Away from the residential family areas.
    • Away from the factory areas.
    • It should be on the main road.
    • It should be in the Urban area.

Maintenance of Labor Camps

  1. The hall’s furniture like table and chairs should be washed and sterilized.
  2. The employee’s accommodations should have all-natural health factors like exposure to sunlight, and fresh air and the housing should be free from dust, harmful gases, fumes, and unpleasant smells.
  3. The housing should not cause any harm to the neighbors.
  4. A name board with complete information about the company and establishment must be placed at the entrance of the housing
  5. The ground floor should be on higher elevation in such a way that it is not exposed to the flooding with water.
  6. The accommodations must be with the availability of water and electricity.
  7. The employer is not allowed to build the accommodation in the passage of winds for the workplaces


  1. The person responsible for the work should inform the competent health authorities if he found his employee infected with any infectious disease.

Mentioned above are some new rules and regulations set by the authorities to curb the spread of infectious disease. The one who is found violating the above-mentioned rules should be penalized by the authorities.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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