SR 1,000 fine for playing music during Adhan

Saudi Arabia has imposed a fine of SR 1,000 on those who play music during Adhan. Adhan or call to prayer is made from mosques 5 times a day on loudspeakers.

SR 1,000 fine on playing music during Adhan

Anyone who is caught playing music while Adhan is being called from a Masjid would be slapped with an SR 1,000 fine. In case of repeated violation, the fine would increase to SR 2,000.

It is important to note that the fine would only be imposed if the music is played loud while the Adhan is being called from a mosque. It also applies to those playing loud music in cars as well as in their homes.

However, It does not apply to people listening to music in their headphones.

SR 500 fine on neighborhood complaint

In addition to that, Saudi Arabia has imposed SR 500 fine on anyone who raises the volume of music in residential neighborhoods, if a complaint is submitted by a neighborhood resident.

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