SR 1,000 fine for changing safety bumpers

Saudi traffic police has started a campaign against those who change the safety bumpers of their vehicles illegally. There are many risks associated with changing or placing additional safety bumpers on a car.

Why do people change it?

People install an additional steel safety bumper in the car thinking that it will save their vehicle in case of an accident.

Well, it can save your car from small scratches in case of an accident but the vehicle of the other party is severally damaged.

Therefore, Saudi police has started issuing a SR 1,000 fine to anyone who change the safety numbers of their cars.

Risks with the safety bumpers

Most of the cars in Saudi Arabia have a safety feature called Airbags which trigger in a life threatening situation and save the driver from the potential loss of life.

When you change the safety bumper or install a steel barrack in front of your car, there is a risk that the shock of the accident does not reach the sensors on the original bumper which trigger the airbags.

In this way, you are taking a huge risk on your life. Someone I know recently lost his wife who was sitting on the passenger side as the airbags on her side were not triggered after the accident. He was also using those safety bumpers.


To conclude, we should not neither change not install an additional safety bumper in our car as it may affect the functionalities may prove to be fatal in extreme circumstances.

Source: Gulf News

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