SoundCloud testing vertical feed for music discovery

Music apps have jumped on having the same feature as the TikTok-initiated discovery feed feature. One of the music apps to have jumped on this bandwagon of promotion on SoundCloud, not wanting to be behind in the trend. They announced that they are joining the growing list of platforms to offer a TikTok-style vertical discovery feed. SoundCloud is trying out a new feature on their mobile app because it is a great way to improve their customer’s usage.

The discovery feeds first launched by TikTok allow users to search for songs, videos, sponsored ads, and hashtags. It also allows paid users to find friends using the friend tab on the discovery feed. Following their footsteps, SoundCloud unveiled a feature design that lets users like music clips and discover new musicians and songs. A vertical artificial intelligence-powered feed activates this feature. They are testing this feature on both their mobile apps with a small sample size of their users.

This is so they can test it out and see how well it does before making it available to the general public. There is no written invitation to the users involved in the new feature’s test run. However, to know if you are one of those participating in the exercise, look out for these things on your mobile app.

A new “discover” page on your feed

The new Discover page will appear on the mobile app feed of all involved. Before now, the feed tab only displayed reposts from friends who also follow the same artists, along with music from the specific artists the user was following. It will display songs from different artists or musical genres that are similar. Songs that will display on your feed will be those derived from your history of musical taste.

A new following page on the Feed tab

They appear below the Feed tab, which is different from what it used to be. The new feature will also send a pop-up on your feed as to why you are seeing those songs. It would appear as text in a small line. This line is a caption that would read “Because you follow … and …” or “Because you like … and ….” SoundCloud is also making available a song preview that will last 30 minutes on its following and discovery pages.

This will enable artists to choose and spotlight clips of their choice. By clicking the Play tab on their screen, users can now listen to the complete version of the songs and like the previews. There, they can also view additional details regarding the specific music they want to listen to.

Finally, SoundCloud is positive about this new feature and the prospects it would bring. The new feature will be available to all users in the coming weeks. It’s yet another sign that SoundCloud is always on the move to give its users an exciting experience. 

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