4 Bad Habits of Expats in Saudi Arabia causing heavy losses to them

Last updated on August 8th, 2017 at 08:58 pm

In our previous writings, we have discussed many problems faced by expatriates while working abroad, we tried to give awareness about state laws as well. In this piece of writing let us indicate some of the bad habits of the overseas workers or expatriates. Usually, those who leave their homelands and work abroad do this for the financial betterment of their families back at home. The overseas workers work hard and send money to their families who are waiting for it at home. Family members of an expatriate may not realize how tough it is to work hard day and night and earn and sacrifice all the time to save all the pennies for them. It is a reality that exactly like the homeland there is no tree of money in the foreign. The money sent back to home improves the financial situation of the family and makes an addition in the economy of the country. Despite all this, overseas workers are also human beings having same tendencies of physical capacities and emotions. They also get tired because of all the hard work day and night; they also have some good or bad habits like other humans and they also are sometimes mistaken in their decisions.

Posing Trust on Others: While working abroad, being thousands of miles away from the homeland, meeting someone from the native country is psychologically a feeling of great relief. In this situation, people usually treat their fellow countrymen as long-lost friends and put all their trust on them blindly. It is not a wise decision because while living back in the native country many people have bitter experiences of unfaithfulness from their own countrymen. When living in homeland the people can betray their fellow countrymen, there are higher chances that they can do the same abroad because now they are living in another country and they are much in need. So, while living abroad these long-lost friends may use their fellow countrymen as a tool, for example, a tool to borrow some money that is usually not returned, or a reference to find a better job or as reference or guarantor to get a loan on his behalf. So, everyone shall be aware while making friends and putting trust on other people so that the money earned by hard work is not lost or the good reputation is not damaged.

Mismanagement of Earnings: It is a common argument between almost all the overseas workers that they are here to provide a better living to their family members in their homeland. They usually deprive themselves of very necessities, for example, they sometimes don’t get a haircut very regularly or they don’t spend money on extra or lavish meals and don’t buy expensive toiletries. All this is done to send kids at homeland in a better school, or to have a decent living standard for parents or to support a relative in establishing his business and resultantly all the earned money is sent back to home. It is also not a recommendable behavior. Living in another country and working as the overseas worker is normally limited to a time and most of the people return to their homeland after a certain time. Once coming back to homeland people need to start a new economic activity but they have nothing to invest as all the earnings have already been sent home and are spent with open hands by the family members. So, it is wise to save money for future. It can be saved as cash in a bank account and investment in real estate is also a considerable option.

Pursuing Short Cuts: Most of the times people use shortcuts to go abroad as soon as it could be made possible. They bypass the standards being set by respective departments for the overseas workers. An orientation for overseas workers before departure to the foreign destination is considered as wastage of time only. Medical examination taken by the medical authorities is also termed as a great hurdle and many of the times officials of medical agencies are bribed just to get concealed a few important facts about health. Many people attach false experience certificates just to get a good paying job in a foreign country. All these practices result as an addition in the sufferings of the workers themselves. A system of bribery is developed that continues and one needs to give under table money for every document and sometimes people are terminated from jobs in the foreign countries because of their health conditions. Some people are also lead to losing the monetary expenses done to go abroad because they are not skilled and are not considered fit for the job by the company in their respective foreign country.

Unwanted and Unnecessary Relationships: While staying abroad people get involved in unnecessary and rather destructive friendships and affairs. Whether it is a not so good friend or it is an extramarital affair both will not be having a good result. Feelings of homesickness and pressure of workload are common excuses but one shall understand that it is merely a state of mind and not a valid reason for leaving the right path. It will only result in financial loss or sometimes getting the life ruined in case of extra-marital affairs. One shall focus on his purpose of staying thousands of miles away from his family members and loved ones. As well as the homesickness is concerned our previous blog about keeping the relationships alive while working abroad is worth consideration.


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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.