How to register for SOCPA membership in KSA?

All expat accountants under the SOCPA professional list need SOCPA membership registration for the issuance and renewal of iqama. Here is the profess;

SOCPA Membership Requirements

  1. Passport-size photo.
  2. Scanned copy of the degree.
  3. Copy of valid Iqama.
  4. Transcripts/Marksheet (optional).
  5. Copy of Passport.
  6. SOCPA authorization letter.

The degree requirement

What are the degrees acceptable for SOCPA membership? Here is the list.

  1. Bachelor or master’s degree in accounting.
  2. Post-secondary accounting diploma.
  3. SOCPA Certificate.
  4. A professional certificate from an approved IFAC body including but not limited to CPA USA, ICAEW, CICA, CA ANZ, ACCA, ICAP, CMA USA, ICMA Pak.
  5. Any bachelor’s degree with at least 15 academic hours in accounting. In case the academic hours are less than 15, you can register for exams as explained below.

The degree or certificate needs to be attested by the Saudi Embassy and the Saudi Culture of the issuing country.

SOCPA Registration Process

First of all, open the website and click on the “New User” to start the SOCPA registration process. 

On the next screen, you will have to fill the SOCPA registration form with your name, iqama number, email address, and phone number. After filling the form;

  • Activate your account by clicking on the email.
  • Login to your SOCPA account.

socpa registration

After the login, click on the “Membership and Professional registration” and then click on the “Membership Request” from the drop-down menu.

socpa registration

Step 1: Membership Info

On this screen, you will be given information about the SOCPA registration and membership, read through this page, and click on the “Next” button.

socpa registration

Step 2: Qualification

At this stage of SOCPA registration, you need to;

  • Select the qualification.
  • Enter the name of the university.
  • Select the country where the university is situated.
  • Enter the GPA or Grades.
  • Select the Iqama profession.

SOCPA Registration

Step 3: Attachment

Now you need to upload all the required documents for SOCPA membership. You can download the authorization letter from the given link, sign it, and upload it again in the system.

SOCPA registration

Step 4: Payment

On the fourth step, you need to make a payment of SR 840 which includes SR 525 subscription fee and SR 315 for the annual fee.

SOCPA registration

You can pay the SOCPA registration fee through debit or credit card, Mada card, or SADAD.

Once the fee is paid, you can click on the “Payment” and then “Paid bill” from the drop-down screen to get the invoice. You can submit the invoice to your employer and ask for reimbursement to try your luck.

SOCPA Registration

Step 5: Temporary Accounting Technician

After the successful registration, the SOCPA will immediately issue you a temporary accounting technician certificate. You can click on the “Membership and Professional registration” and then “Dashboard” to download this certificate.

Keep in mind that you would be able to renew your Iqama or transfer your sponsorship on the basis of this certificate.

temporary socpa membership

Step 6: SOCPA Associate Member

After verifying your degrees uploaded at the time of registration, SOCPA will issue you an Associate Membership which means that you are a permanent member. 

In my case, it took them around 6 months to verify my degree and convert the certification from temporary to Associate.

permanent socpa membership

SOCPA Professional list

Only the following 19 jobs under the SOCPA professional list are required register with SOCPA to issue/renew their Iqama.

  1. Internal Audit Director.
  2. Cost clerk.
  3. Cost Accountant.
  4. Finance clerk.
  5. General Accountant.
  6. Director zakat & taxes department.
  7. Internal auditor.
  8. Manager, accounts, and budget
  9. Senior Financial Auditor.
  10. Director G.A of reviewing.
  11. Director, financial, and accounting affairs.
  12. Auditor accounts.
  13. Accounts auditing technician.
  14. Director financial reports department.
  15. General Accounts technician.
  16. Chief of internal auditing programs.
  17. Financial Auditing Supervisor.
  18. Cost accounting technician.
  19. Financial Controller.


Sometimes SOCPA rejects applications with a comment that the applicant has less than 15 academic hours in accounting. In such a case, you can take a bachelor’s degree in accounting from any university in the world or take SOCPA exams.

In order to take SOCPA exams, click on the “Exam” and then the “Registration” button. The per-subject fee for taking a SOCPA exam is;

  • SR 1,000 for the first time.
  • SR 500 for repeating the exam.



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