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Despite the pitiful situation with Canada and Saudi Arabia students this summer, other countries welcome them and even are ready to extend scholarship programs to make the application process easier and chances to receive a proper, perspective education higher. Students from Saudi Arabia are wanted in most of the American and European universities along with students from, Asia, for example, due to their well-respected educational background.

Some Saudi Arabia students choose online learning and distance education for many reasons. No matter which university or college you study in, what is your level and type of education, sometimes you might need some academic writing help coming from experts. Having a diploma at stake it is only reasonable to look for a reliable academic writing agency, and SmartWritingService is one of them. Here is why you may consider addressing it when you need academic writing assistance.

Reason #1. Experience in Working at Saudi Arabia Market: There are many writing agencies online, but was among the first to pay attention to the increasing academic writing needs of Saudi Arabia students. That is why they have gained a reputation in this part of the hemisphere, as well as valuable experience.

Writers have finished hundreds of papers for Saudi Arabia students and know not only how to write, but how to explain some rules and principles inherent to American and European professors’ demands and assignments.

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Reason #2. Affordable Prices Even if the Deadline is Close: American and European students know local prices better than students from other countries, and some agencies try to use it to their advantage, ripping off ESL students. SmartWritingService has a transparent and student-friendly pricing policy that allows almost any student to place any kind of order with any submission date.

Of course, to save more money you should order in advance, preferably two weeks before the deadline, but even if there are two days left before the submission this service won’t charge you an arm and a leg. They are highly interested in returning, loyal clients and make their pricing policy easy to understand and affordable.

You can use the online calculator available on their website. It operates with three indicators: submission date, your level of education and number of pages required. You can also feel in a free inquiry form and give more details about your order (for example tell that you need a PowerPoint Presentation) and talk with a support manager about the final price.

If you order several papers and the total sum exceeds $500 you receive a lifetime discount — 5%. You can make it rise to 15% buying custom written papers with this company continuously.

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Reason #3. In-Depth Research and Exceptional Quality of Writing: When hiring essay writers for custom writing needs SmartWritingService makes candidates take several complicated tests. First of all, there is a grammar test consisting of 4 stages. Later, candidates should write a sample essay on a given topic within a tight time-frame.

This way they prove that they can write high-quality papers under harsh time-pressure. Later, there is a test which reveals the candidate’s ability to make proper formatting using required styles — MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. All the candidates are Masters, and Ph.D. degree holders and their diplomas are checked.

When the writer is finally hired, he gets into the monthly grading program — editors from the Proofreading department grade every paper he or she writes within each month. He or she should maintain high scores to keep the job.

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Reason #4. Plagiarism-Free and Confidentiality Guarantees: Every custom paper you buy from SmartWritinService will be 100% original, written from scratch, with the use of valid, academically approved primary sources. The content of your paper will never be used to create another essay or project and will never be posted online.

Addressing SmartWritingService you can rest assured your personal data, details of your order, transactions, communication with the agency will stay strictly confidential and won’t be disclosed to the third parties.

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Choosing this or another writing service makes sure to check on guarantees they offer and their pricing policies. Addressing SmartWritingService you can rest assured to receive a well-thought-out 100% original paper at an affordable price. Place your order earlier to pay less!

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