Size does matter: Saudi woman divorces husband for being short

A Saudi wife demanded divorce as she doesn’t like the physical appearance of her husband. The wife told the court that she is way taller than her spouse and this is a really embarrassing situation for her.

She further added that she tried her best to cope with the situation but she failed as her husband was not a perfect match for her.

After the hearing session, the court shifted the case to higher court authorities for further investigation. There has been no case of such discrimination in the past.

The wife suggested that she can no longer fulfill her duty as a wife to the husband who is not at all good in looks and physical appearance.

According to the wife, she was ridiculed by the people when she used to travel with her short height husband and this made her feel really awkward. 

The question that is most important here is why the woman didn’t object to the height of the man before getting married to him. She would already know the exact physical appearance of the man. 

As a matter of fact, every human being is made by God, and Allah knows who is best at the heart. This is so painful to hear that a woman rejects a man just because he is shorter in height or he is not handsome.

Source: Gulf News

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