What is the meaning of Single/Double Flash of Saher Camera?

You might have noticed that sometimes Saher or speed camera flash single time, sometimes it flashes the double-time and even three times, ever wondered what is its meaning? 

Single Flash of Saher Camera

The meaning of single flash of Saher Camera means that you have crossed the allowed limit on the road and the Saher Camera has taken a picture of your car. 

single flash of Saher Camera

Double Flash of Saher Camera

You might have noticed that sometimes there is a double flash of a speed camera. There are two reasons for a double flash of speed Cameras.

  1. It took pictures of two different vehicles passing at the same time. In other words, in case you notice a double flash of speed camera, just look around if there is another vehicle around you that is over-speeding. 
  2. Sometimes the camera itself detects that the first picture taken by it is blurred or does not qualify the quality criteria. In this case, it takes another picture of your car within a fraction of a second.

Triple Flash of Saher Camera

The Saher Cameras installed on the signals flash 3 times whenever they detect a traffic violation.

Therefore, if you notice a triple flash of Saher camera, you need to be worried about it as the traffic fine for crossing a red signal is too high.

You will not find a speed camera flashing three times on a car in Saudi Arabia as it will always be single or double flash.

Is it related to Speed?

Some people think that in case of one flash of Saher camera, the violation committed is of minor nature and in the case of two flashes of speed camera, it is of bigger nature. However, it has nothing to do with reality.

Does a flash always result in Traffic Fine?

It is worth noting that a single flash, double flash, or even triple flash of Saher camera does not automatically mean that you will be fined. All these pictures taken by Saher camera go through a manual checking control.

In case you are confident that you have not crossed the speed limit and still you got a traffic ticket, you can always challenge the traffic ticket using Absher.

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