10 ways to show love and appreciation to your parents

The two people who are responsible, after Allah, to take care of us, to help us grow, to formulate our personalities are our parents. Our parents are the ones who have groomed us, taught us, worked hard for us and have contributed a lot for us.

Be it emotional, financial or phycological: parents have always contributed to their own capacities. A parent is constantly telling their children that they love them, they are here to support them, they shall be there whenever they need them. However, when we become wise enough, it is our time to tell them that we love them.

  1. Be expressive

We all love our parents, I am sure we do. But how often do we tell them? How often are we expressive about our feelings towards them? Tell them that you love them. Simply say that “mom, I love you. Dad, you are my love.” This would surely make their day!

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  1. Pray for them

One of the best ways to extend love towards your parents is to make dua for them. Pray for their health and safety. One of the dua taught to us for our parents is:

Rabbir hamhuma kama rabbayanee sagheera – (My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was small).

  1. Help them

Help them in their small chores. Help them when they need it. You can cook them a meal at the weekend, can take them to a doctor if they are facing an issue. Help them out in small house chores like setting their cupboards and medicine box and all.

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  1. Spend time together

Give quality time to your parents. Take them to a walk, spend time with them, talk to them or just sit beside them and listen to what they have to say to you. Most of the parents would be happy if all are around them and talking in a friendly atmosphere.

  1. Ask them for advice

Asking for your parent’s advice is the best way to tell them that you love them and respect them. They have more experience than you and shall give you their best advice.

  1. Be kind to them

Have you seen how much kids actually cause trouble for the parents? Parents patience is always tested: be it late night crying, tantrums at school or at the market or be it an illness. Parents are always patient and kind. 

Why can’t be kids be kind to their parents when it is their time? Can’t we be kind to our parents? Don’t we know they have become weak and fragile and need care?

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  1. Involve them in your life and serve them

Make them a part of your life, like you were the most important part of their life. It will make them happy and will make you a responsible child.

  1. Call them regularly

Even if you live with them, call them up regularly. Call them too before leaving office if they need something. Call them to ask them if they are okay and what were they doing. This will give them a sense of security.

  1. Give them their due attention

Give them quality time, sitting with them yet busy in your own world wouldn’t help much. Sit with them and leave your mobile for a few moments. Talk to them and give them due attention.

  1. Give charity on their behalf

Make their hereafter better by giving charity of their behalf!

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