Should a Perfume be unique to your Wedding Day?

When you are dressed to the nines and walking down the aisle, it’s only natural to want a fragrance that fits your personality and style. After all, the wedding day is about celebrating you and your loved ones with your closest family and friends.

Given that every single detail of your big day is intricately planned, from your hairdo and make-up to your shoes and gown, it is only sensible that you also consider the fragrance brand you will wear.

Your wedding day is not like every other day but a day filled with incredible memories, so couples take pictures and videos as much as possible to keep these memories. However, something has to do with the nose that can make these memories of your big day overwhelm you faster. Psychology today has known that our sense of smell is the key to long-lasting memories

We are talking about, of course, scents and smells – perfumes. Scents have this impressive way of taking us back to an exact moment, so picking out perfume is the best way to keep those memories and pocket them effectively.


Benefits of using a unique perfume

Aside from keeping memories, the fragrance you use has other benefits for your big day. The fragrance boosts your confidence. You may feel nervous and anxious on your big day, but the right fragrance gives you the reassurance that you smell nice and have nothing to worry about, reducing your nervousness.

The fragrance also enhances your mood. Although it may sound like boosting your confidence, it is not. Your mood is what you feel at a particular time or want to feel at that time. It is important to wear a fragrance that gives a sense of accomplishment, significantly putting you in a good mood. 

More than how you look, your fragrance plays a significant role in your attire. The fragrance adds more context and depth to what you are wearing and how you look simultaneously. A unique scent is essential as it invites people to come closer. Would you not want people avoiding you on your wedding day, right? That would be hilarious.

Making a choice

You can choose a distinctive aroma for your wedding either on your own or with your mother, maid of honor, or bridesmaids.

But what perfume do you choose? When selecting that unique fragrance for your big day, make sure it is special and memorable to you and your spouse, not a fragrance worn daily.

We have put together the most outstanding, popular, and quintessential scents that brides can use to douse themselves in just for their big day and also feature one amazing alternative.

If you want something unique to just you (truthfully, that’s what everyone wants on their day), then here is a wonderful opportunity to make your perfume.

Maison 21G fragrance branding, a genius customized perfumery house, has allowed brides and grooms to form unique scents through an intricate, clever process. It starts by recognizing one of their scents or solid perfumes that resound with you before conducting a further survey of six ‘discovery coffrets’ to make your unique scent; they will then contain it in a 21- gram bottle that can be customized.

You ask why 21- grams? Well, according to a published study in the New York Times, the human soul weighs exactly 21- grams.

 And consequently, the size of the bottle and its name is Maison 21G. Additionally, the Eau de parfums are made with the highest perfume concentrate level in the industry, which is 21%. This is the reason why the scent lasts long, so there is no need to re-apply the perfume between the wedding ceremony and reception.

The perfect perfume is an experience in its own right, a scent that warms the soul and is suitable for a day of celebration. A fragrance to make you feel confident and fulfilled, with the perfect amount of sensuality

In conclusion

A perfume is one of the most personal items you can add to your wedding day. A good perfume will make you feel confident, beautiful, and ready for the big day. There are lots of different ways to decide on a signature scent for your wedding day. You could choose something that’s special to you and make it your own, or choose something that represents your relationship with your partner. Some people even opt for a fragrance that’s subtle but noticeable at the same time.

Are you keen on fiddling in unique perfumery? Fortunately for brides in Sydney, Maison 21G has just opened its first international store right in the Hyatt Regency, the heart of Sydney. That means you can walk right in and make your own unique wedding day scent. Make a reservation today by heading to Maison 21G boutiques.

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