Shepherd refused SR 300,000 blood money and forgives the killer of his son for Allah

A poor Sudani shepherd refused to take SR 300,000 in exchange for the blood of his son offered by the philanthropist. The Shepherd wholeheartedly pardoned the killer of his son.

Abdullah Muhammad Al Numair, a shepherd, who was working and residing in Jeddah.  He decided to go back to Duwaim (Sudan city) which is situated on the coast of river Nile, after the death of his son 15 years ago.  

Muhammad Al-Ghali, the African shepherd, was held responsible for murdering Muhammad while he was sleeping. Al-Numair, the old shepherd, resides in a dilapidated mud house in Sudan.

As he was leaving Jeddah, he went to the court and filed a case against Al Ghali, who murdered his son Muhammad. As the court hearings took a longer time than expected, he, therefore, left for Sudan.

He demanded justice and beheading of Al Ghali. The court declared death sentence to Al-Ghali and so he was waiting in the prison to get his execution done for almost 15 years.

The killer was helpless and didn’t appeal the court to forgive his crime. Al-Ghali’s family was poor and couldn’t approach the court to withdraw their son’s execution order.

On the other hand, Al-Ghali himself has accepted that he murdered the poor boy of Al-Numair. Director of the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) in Jeddah, Saleh Sarhan Al-Ghamdi, was the middle person between the two families.

He was communicator as he wanted to save Al-Ghali from execution. Al-Ghali’s family was in contact with Al-Numair throughout. Al-Numair was contacted by Al-Ghamdi on the phone when he tried to persuade him to take back his appeal from the court.

He requested him to forgive and pardon his son’s murderer. After hearing this, the shepherd refused to listen to his request and told him that he cannot forgive his son’s murderer.

The mediator again called him in Ramadan and appealed to pardon the murderer. Later Al-Ghamdi invited Al-Numair to witness the execution of Al-Ghali. Al-

Numair clearly refused to visit Jeddah but later after being insisted upon so much by Al-Ghamdi, he decided to go to Jeddah for few days. Three months prior to the execution Al-Numair left for Jeddah and was welcomed by Al-Ghamdi at the airport.

Surprisingly AL-Ghamdi has paid for the air traveling tickets costs for Al-Numair. He has made arrangement to reset and open al- Numair’s house for him.

After two days, Al-Ghamdi asked the poor shepherd to visit the court and to meet the judge Abdul Rahman Al-Hussain. On meeting him, Al-Numair discussed the final documentation for the execution.

Later on, Al-Ghamdi told Al-Numair that he had been offered SR 300,000 by a philanthropist in lieu of pardoning the murderer. Al-Numair outrightly refused the offer but still contacted his wife to take her opinion.

She also refused to take any money. The father told Al-Ghamdi and later on in the court that he and his wife had already decided to pardon the murderer.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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