She prayed to die in Madina for 30 years – Allah made it

It is a story that shows the power of Dua and belief. My mentor’s mother had been praying to Allah to live in Madina since they were kids. She had a routine that after every prayer she would make dua to live in Madina.

She wanted to die in Madina

He further said she did it so regularly that when they grew up, this thing became the part of their life. They were so much used to it that it almost followed as one of the rituals of Dua. When they got mature, they started questioning her about her prayer which was unrealistic.

She was living in America with all of her children, her children had no such plans to leave this country, how would she always make dua that she wants to die in Madina?  She would simply narrate some of the virtues of Madina and then put an end to the conversation by saying, “Allah can do anything, is it too big for Allah?

One of her sons wanted to settle down in Sudan

Though she was a just 4th standard pass, she had more knowledge about Allah than all of them.  After consistently making that prayer with a conviction for Thirty years, one day, one of her sons decided to be settled down in Sudan with his wife and kids and was going to leave America.

Everyone was surprised when His mother also showed her willingness to go with him. She was living here in America for years and it would be difficult for someone to resettle in a new condition in this old age.

She usually laughed at it and said that she is not staying in Sudan, she is going to Madina. True enough once they got to Sudan she kept asking her son to take them for an Umrah. When they went to Umrah there was still a final obstacle.

Their Umrah visas got expired

At Jeddah airport, they were surprised and shocked when they were told by an immigration officer that their visas were expired.

It seems like their travel agent had sold them expired visas. The officer was angry and in a very harsh tone, he told them that it was because of the mother’s old age as she was in a wheelchair otherwise he would have put them back from very first flight.

They got entry to Saudi Arabia without a Visa

His mother did the only greatest thing; she could do, she made dua. Miraculously, a man with a pleasant look on his face came and asked about the problem. When he was told about the whole situation, he told them not to worry, he pulled them separately, and with a lot of humbleness, he served them tea.

He gave them permission to enter the country and simply granted them entrance to enjoy Umrah. On telling the story, her son was amazed at how everything happened and the determination of his mother about dua. She would always say, Allah, will make your dua come true if you are honest and truthful with Allah and be genuine in your deeds.

Finally, she died in Madina

Two and a half years later, she died in the city which she desired to be in. Her funeral prayers were held in the Masjid-e-Nabawi, the Prophet’s Masjid, just a few steps away from where the Prophet (Blessings of Allah and Peace be upon Him) is buried.

She was buried in Jannat ul Baqi

She was buried in Jannat ul Baqi where many Companions of the Prophet (Blessings of Allah and Peace be upon Him) are buried. May she be with the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) in Jannah as Allah brought her to His city and in this world. Recommended: Who gets buried in Jannat ul Baqi?

May Allah grant patience to her family to bear the loss. The purpose of sharing this story is that everyone has ambitions and dreams. And you have Allah who makes everything come true. And there is nothing that is too big for Allah.

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