81 years old lady accepted Islam after meeting a Muslim boy

Recently an article on the internet described a random meeting that took place on a bus, between a Catholic elderly woman and a young Muslim man. Reportedly the man was on his way to the mosque to pray.

As he was sitting on the bus he witnessed an old woman who was standing with many heavy shopping bags in her hand. As soon as the man saw this he offered her his seat, for which the elderly lady thanked the young man.

While on the bus the two started talking and started discussing faith. One thing leads to another and it turned out that the woman believed that Jesus or Prophet Essa was a prophet of God and not the son of God.

She also informed the young Muslim man that she always wanted to read the Holy Quran. Knowing that the woman had seen the Quran in his hand he handed it over to her to read. The young Muslim believed that this was a sign from Allah for him to bring this elderly woman into the fold of Islam, onto the right path. 

The man hoped that the elderly woman would recite the Shahada which is the declaration of the unity of Allah. The woman recited the testimony of faith in the Arabic Language and then proceeded to read the English translation.

Seeing that she was from a Catholic background he added the phrase that Jesus is the prophet of God and God has no offspring. However, the woman went into a deep silence and closed her eyes.

The Muslim man was nervous as he desperately hoped that the woman recites the complete phrase and make the declaration. Seeing that his stop had arrived, the man stepped off the bus and waved his new friend goodbye.

Later he shared this incredible story with all his friends and he prayed that Allah guides her to the right path. It is hurtful to see all the hate speech and propaganda which is hurled against Islam. There is no logical reason behind this negative portrayal of such a peaceful and lenient religion.

What is exciting and interesting is that every day we unknowingly pass by or sit next to who would be interested in learning more about this religion which has been put on full blast by mainstream western media.

We should pray to Allah to guide those with open hearts and open minds to the doors of salvation and onto the right path. We should pray that these people encounter someone who can help them understand the religion better and to gradually alter the negative perception embedded in the minds of people.

While there are those who are interested in learning more about Islam, there are also those amongst the common people who are the ones who help fan the flames which are created by the Media Agenda. We should also pray to Allah to open their hearts and minds and bring them on the right path.

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