Sharjah announces 3 days weekend for workers

After the UAE government moved the weekend from Fri-Sat to Sat-Sunday, the Sharjah government announced a 3 days weekend starting from Friday to Sunday.

It means that Sharjah government employees would be working only 4 days a week from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm.

When is it going to be implemented in Saudi Arabia?

Since the announcement is made by the UAE government, many expats are asking when is a 3-days weekend going to be implemented in Saudi Arabia? Let’s answer this.

Only for the government employees

The announcement made by the Sharjah government is only applicable to government employees. Hence, the private sector would continue to work as it is.

    • Even if the Saudi government announces a 3-days weekend, it would not affect the private sector employees.

Already a 2-days weekend in KSA

In the government sector, employees are already enjoying the 2-days weekend while the majority of private companies allow only 1-day weekend.

  • How do you think that the companies which do not allow 1-day, would let employees go for 3 days?

UAE Companies have a 3-days weekend

There are some companies in the UAE that have been giving 3-days weekends to their employees even before the announcement is made.

  • At least I am not aware of any such company.
  • The work environment in Saudi Arabia is different.

Therefore, it is too good to believe that your company is going to announce a 3-days weekend for you even if the Saudi government announces it.

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